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Having been inspired by the ambiance and mystique of the labyrinthine souks of the Middle East, Mademoiselle Accessories was founded in 2002 to capture all that magnificence in one concept of women's accessories.


During the last 21 years we have accessorized world famous singers, Hollywood actresses, winners of the best dressed awards (at such glamorous occasions as Dubai World Cup), as well as, Princesses from the royal palaces in the Middle East.


Now today with our new online shopping site, from anywhere in the world you can explore our treasure chest of the latest trends of beautifully crafted products.

Designed together with talented artisans from all around the world,

Mademoiselle Accessories brings all these to you within these pages.


Bridging the cross-over between French and Italian inspired beach chic accessories, and the classic designs of semi-formal designer wear,

Mademoiselle Accessories truly caters for today's modern woman who leads a hectic life, with either high profile careers, demanding  kids or just plain busy.  With online shopping with Mademoiselle Accessories you can trust you have the latest accessories with that classic chic via just a few clicks here within these pages.

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